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Lee Industries

Since its inception, the mission of LEE Industries has been to create innovatively styled, high-quality home furnishings while adhering to a set of values that focus on their customers, the community and the environment.


In 1969, Bill and Dottie Coley opened a 7500 square foot factory in Newton, North Carolina, hired 10 people, and began crafting wood-framed upholstery pieces. From that humble beginning, LEE has expanded to be a leader and innovator in environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.


As their company … and their family … grew, LEE expanded their product offering to include leather, machine washable slipcovers, exclusive designer collections, outdoor furniture, and the natural LEE line of products.


LEE creates the best upholstery product available, and it is all made in the USA! In four manufacturing facilities in North Carolina, LEE employs over 670 skilled associates that create one-of-a-kind products.


Even with a global supply network, 98% of the components in LEE products are supplied domestically, and most suppliers are in their home state of North Carolina. This includes the frames, foam, springs, cotton ticking, decking, fabrics, and packaging. Local suppliers mean local employment and reduced transportation costs and CO2 emissions.


LEE knows that a healthy community is the best way to support healthy manufacturing. In 2014, LEE introduced their LEE Loves Local campaign, a program that encourages communities to shop their local retailer and showcases artisans and small shop owners in the same community.


Nativa Interiors has been selected as a LEE strategic partner and it is the only “To the Trade” gallery in San Diego county. Nativa Interiors is the most complete retailer in Southern California showing a large variety of furniture styles together with all fabrics , samples and wood selections available.

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